Ellar Boutique is a luxury gifting solution for corporate and settlement projects that’ll leave a lasting impression and make people want to refer you.

Gifting has the capacity to spark a positive conversation, which is the perfect opportunity for your clients to share their experience and recommend your services to their friends and family.

Each gift we curate is fully customisable, and can be branded with logos and company colours to add a personal touch.
As a team, we review each gift before it’s sent out to make sure that it meets our standards of luxury and lasting.


  • 100% customisation on any gift OR create your own gifts
  • Incorporating your company logo & corporate colours
  • In-house fast branding (with no set-up fees)
  • The ability to brand your packaging, ribbon or products (the choice is up to you)
  • Free A6 Logo branded gift cards for any 12+ order
  • FREE Delivery to one nominated location
  • All packages customisable to suit your budget and demographic of clients

Shop our "Ready Made" options available online OR Create Your Own gifts today in under 60 seconds!


One quick phone call with our Founder & Director Lisa, and it will all make sense to you.
You may never come across another human being, who genuinely just wants to help you grow & give generously.

With a background in Real Estate, Recruitment, Corporate Sales & Product Development, a few words best to describe "Romeo" are Driven, passionate, obliging & comedic!

Lisa cup is completely filled being able to help people like you everyday and to source the most amazing quality products & packaging that will get customers talking and referring your services!

It all stemmed from her previous employment in Real Estate.  Lisa was all too familiar with the feeling of wanting to find the perfect corporate gift, but feel the frustration of the lack of time to source something stand-out!

(She also has an Italian background and would cringe every time a Vendor or Buyer would come in after a successful transaction and the team handed over a $20 bottle of wine to say thank you).
It was drilled into her from an early age, give generously and gift something memorable. 


meet lisa

" I started Ellar Boutique due to the circumstances surrounding me. In my corporate past, I was too familiar with the feeling of wanting to find the perfect corporate gift but always left feeling frustrated and without anything brilliant due to the lack of time I had to source something unique, lasting and personalised.

In my corporate roles, I had received many gifts from clients and the majority of these were food hampers. The initial excitment that I had when receiving the gift was soon overshadowed with an underwhelming feeling of "oh, it's another food hamper full of food items that just do not excite me". The hamper was quickly consumed, regifted or left on the shelf as the contents were not worth remembering.

So after VERY little procrastination, I decided to throw in my corporate career and use my time and sourcing experience to help people like you to create and send gifts that really wow on first impression but contain lasting products to ensure our clients are remembered.

I have never looked back since."


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