2022 is The Year You Starting Gifting

2022 is The Year You Starting Gifting

The new year is here and what better time to revamp your corporate gifts or even start gifting! The start of a new year always seems so refreshing don’t you think? Many of us take a look at the year ahead and plan out our life goals and aims for the year. Whether it’s personal or work related, a new year is the perfect time to change a few things up.

Gifting should be a part of your customer experience. Whether it’s new home gifts, welcome to the team gifts or a thank you gift to a client, the list is endless on how beneficial gifting is in business. Gifting can not only enhance your service but it can create repeat business, generate word of mouth referrals and make you stand out above the rest of your competitors.

Gifts that are memorable and lasting will go a long way, more so than perishable items. Clients only remember how you made them feel and they are guaranteed to remember for longer when you present a luxury gift on handover or settlement. The whole experience for them will be remembered; opening up a hand tied ribboned gift box, the feel of the products in their hands and the surprise and excitement as they see and feel each item you’ve chosen for them. 

If you don’t know what to give then the whole process may seem overwhelming to you and make you think you can do it yourself. Whilst you certainly can create an appreciation gift yourself, we highly recommend outsourcing a company that can help you every step of the way. Leave it to the people that understand how gifting works and who can work with you with your budget, your needs & what you want to give your clients.

Creating your own corporate gift with a company is the perfect way to make something unique to you! There is no better feeling than creating something right from the very start. Be in control of the packing, the presentation & the products. Choose whether you want to brand your gifts or leave it simple with a gift card welcoming them to their new home or thanking them for using your service.

Alternatively, why not choose from Best Sellers that are clearly on the bestseller page for a reason! These gifts are usually sold in the thousands each year, meaning the price is reasonable and realistic. With Best Sellers you are able to customise to fit your brand & ethos with coloured ribbon, optional branding, logo branded gift cards & still have the choice on what packaging you prefer. 

Luckily, here at Ellar Boutique we are always on the end of the phone to help our customers with what they need. For us, it is vital that we help our customers with appreciation gifts that fit their requirements.

If you are not already gifting, then now is the time to start. With people feeling more disconnected from each other, there is nothing more personal than a hand given gift with a handwritten message. Believe us when we say it will truly change your business & customer’s experience for the better.

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