Our Mission

To create affordable gifts filled with long lasting products that create a memorable impression on your clients.

At Ellar Boutique, we pride ourselves on being the unrivalled leaders in the luxury gifting industry for corporate and settlement projects. Our goal is to provide exceptional gifting solutions that leave a lasting impression and inspire others to refer your services.

We understand that gifting holds tremendous potential to ignite positive conversations, allowing your clients to share their remarkable experiences and recommend your services to their network of friends and family.

Every gift we craft is fully customisable and can be adorned with your logos and company colors, ensuring a personal touch that resonates with your brand. Our dedicated team meticulously reviews each gift to ensure it surpasses our stringent standards of luxury and enduring quality.

How can we help you?

➭ 100% customisation on any gift OR create your own gift.

➭ Incorporate your company logo & corporate colours.

➭ In-house fast branding (with no set-up fees)

➭ The ability to brand your packaging, ribbon or products.

➭ Free A6 Logo branded gift cards with any 12+ order.

➭ Free delivery to one nominated location when you purchase 4+ gifts.

➭ All packages customisable to suit your budget.

Our Founder Lisa

Our Founder - Lisa

With a professional background spanning Real Estate, Recruitment, Corporate Sales, and Product Development, "Romeo" can be best described as driven, passionate, accommodating, and comedic.

Lisa, together with her exceptional team, assists businesses like yours in procuring quality products and packaging that will spark conversations and garner enthusiastic recommendations for your services.

The inception of Ellar Boutique originated from Lisa's prior experience in the Real Estate industry. Having personally experienced the desire to find the perfect corporate gift, she grew frustrated with the time constraints associated with sourcing something truly exceptional. From a young age, she learned the importance of giving generously and presenting memorable gifts—values that form the very essence of Ellar Boutique. 

The idea for Ellar Boutique stemmed from her previous employment in Real Estate.

Lisa was all too familiar with the feeling of wanting to find the perfect corporate gift, but felt frustrated at the lack of time there was to source something stand-out.

It was drilled into her from an early age, give generously and gift something memorable - which is what the foundations of Ellar Boutique is built upon.

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The Journey

"I started Ellar Boutique due to the circumstances surrounding me. In my corporate past, I was too familiar with the feeling of wanting to find the perfect corporate gift but always left feeling frustrated and never finding anything "stand out" due to the lack of time I had to source something unique, lasting and personalised.

In my corporate roles, I had received many gifts from clients and the majority of these were food hampers. The initial excitement that I had when receiving the gift was soon overshadowed with an underwhelming feeling of "oh, it's another food hamper full of food items that just do not excite me". The hamper was quickly consumed, regifted or left on the shelf as the contents were not worth remembering.

So after VERY little procrastination, I decided to throw in my corporate career and use my time and sourcing experience to help people like you to create and send gifts that really wow on first impression but contain lasting products to ensure our clients are remembered.

I have never looked back since." - Lisa Romeo

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