Gifts To Give This Spring For Settlement

Gifts To Give This Spring For Settlement

Spring is fast approaching and it’s safe to say we are all looking forward to the warmer weather. With half the country facing lockdown again and half the country enjoying their bubble of freedom, Australia is still in  a unique situation with the market. 

Last July we saw an influx of people purchasing & attending house auctions during a month which tends to be one of the quietest in the year. “Exceeding auction numbers for July over the last five years,” as mentioned on (add link here).

Prices are still continuing to rise and the number of people searching and enquiring about buying have still been incredibly high this year. “While these indicators remain at historically high levels, over recent months there has been a clear cooling which suggests that the market is not quite as hot as it was.”

Spring is supposed to be a real test in the market this year and it will be interesting to watch unfold alongside the pandemic. 

With the housing market still booming across a lot of the country, it can mean a lot of behind the scenes admin for Real Estate Agents leaving less time for you to search for a perfect gift to give on settlement. 

To make it easier for our customers, we have increased our Best Sellers range to give you more options to gift to your clients. We’ve created some beautiful new springtime gifts that will be perfect to give as we head into a beautiful time of year.

Golden Gratitude

Introducing our newest chocolate to the range, the Kokopod caramelised Macnuts. A taste that is luxurious and special, these caramelised macadamia nuts are not just tasty but an experience your clients won’t forget.

Paired alongside our beautiful Terrazzo marble serving board, Huskee keep cup (because caring about the planet is always cool) and our infamous Served Cheese & Pate Knife set. Golden Gratitude is going to be a big hit this spring.

A Luxury Start

Because you can never go wrong with a cotton storage basket, sure to be used to store the kids' toys once they’ve settled into the new home. 

A Luxury Start is packed with products that will suit any family and be used for years. Our favourite Salt & Pepper Insulated water bottle, one of the most popular products this Winter and one that will be used time and time again. 

Also including two of our luxury Turkish Beach (or bath) towels that are 100% cotton that are a perfect edition to any new home. 

Sandy Essentials

The pack to give to any adventurous family with or without children. Sandy Essentials is everything you need for a day at the beach or adventuring into the bush. Including the delicious Bennetto that will be a treat for them to enjoy as they unveil their gifts. 

Carried in our beautiful beach tote that can be used in a variety of ways. 

Indulge Outdoors 

The gift that keeps on giving and that is popular whatever the weather. Indulge Outdoors is a gift that they will thank you for and give them no excuse to forget you and your service. All they need to add is the cheese & wine and they’ve got themselves a special day out. 


Gift your clients this spring something special. Whether you choose from our Best Sellers or Create Your Own custom gift. Gifting is always a sure way to show your clients how much you value them, sparking positive reviews for years. 

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