Give the gift of referrals: A Q and A with Ellar Boutique

Give the gift of referrals: A Q and A with Ellar Boutique

Picture this. You’ve just purchased a beautiful new home for your growing family. You’ve gone through the stress of settlement and the pain of packing, but you’ve finally received the keys to let yourself into your new home.

As you place your bags down on the kitchen bench for the first time, you notice a beautifully crafted gift box from your real estate agent to thank you for your purchase. This is a memory you’ll share with friends and family when they too consider a real estate agency to buy from or sell with.

Corporate and settlement gifting has the capacity to spark a positive conversation. There’s the perfect opportunity for your clients to share their experience and  recommend you to their friends and family. Corporate and settlement gifting can highlight your stand out service and generate you referrals.

This is the core of what we do. Ellar Boutique is a luxury gifting solution for corporate and settlement projects that’ll leave a lasting impression on clients. Meet Lisa Romeo, the founder of Ellar Boutique.

Q: What’s your industry background?

A: I come from a background of real estate, recruitment and corporate sales. I realised how important corporate gifting was whilst I was in the heart of this industry. Gratitude is imperative and gifting is a must.


Q: Tell us a little about why you started Ellar Boutique..

A: Whilst in real estate, I had a really hard time finding the perfect gift for clients… something much more than just an average bottle of wine. So that’s why I made the decision to start Ellar Boutique. There was a gap in the market, so after a lot of back and forth with ‘should I? shouldn’t I?’, I took a chance and I’m so happy I did. Now having established Ellar Boutique, I’m proud to offer corporate agencies an opportunity to easily source high quality, luxurious branded gifts for their successful projects and campaigns.


Q: What sort of businesses do you work with? 

A: My clients are in the luxury real estate or property development sector, as well as high-end automotive dealerships. I currently work with Lexus they’re an amazing brand to work with. I tailor gift boxes for industry professionals who are serious about thanking their clients and creating a lasting impression with their customers. Ultimately, the happier the customer, the more likely they’re going to refer. 


Q: What’s your aim at Ellar Boutique?

A: Essentially, I want to start a conversation. I want conversation between new home or car owners and their friends and family, and I want conversations between corporate agencies and their clients. It’s a chain reaction that comes back to the companies I source gifts for in a positive way, as the friends and family of the customer that bought their house, sold their house or purchased a car, were so impressed by the level of professionalism and respect that they were shown.


Q: What makes Ellar Boutique gifts so unique?

A: Each corporate gift box we make is fully customisable, and can be branded with logos and company colours to add a personal touch. I review each box before it’s sent out to make sure that it meets my standards of luxury. I often hand deliver them to my clients something that they really appreciate. It’s really nice to meet my clients. I guess that’s what Ellar Boutique is all about… introducing a humanistic element back into business.


Q: What makes you most proud about your business?

A: When a client receives one of the gifts that Ellar Boutique offers, they feel appreciated. Like everything in life, when one feels appreciated and respected, they have a desire to act upon this and continue this positive behaviour. Spreading positivity and good will is something that I’m really proud of. 



Do your clients deserve quality and meaningful gifts?

Ellar Boutique is designed to fit the needs of professional agencies and companies that want to offer luxurious gifts to end a successful campaign or project together. We’re passionate about people and we’re passionate about businesses succeeding.

If you’re time poor and looking for a quality, customised gifting solution that’s hassle free, contact us and grow your business this year.

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