How Gifting From Car Dealerships To Buyers Boosts Sales & Retention

How Gifting From Car Dealerships To Buyers Boosts Sales & Retention

Selling luxury cars is a passion for you. You love to build a customer-client relationship from the moment they walk into the shop to choosing their dream car to you handing over the keys to their new wheels. For many people, it’s an important moment to buy a brand new luxury car and it’s your brand they will remember when they drive away. The question is, how long will they remember you & your service for? 

Like gifting on the sale of a new home, gifting on the sale of a new vehicle can help enhance your service and build a strong reputation for you and the company. Giving a simple but thoughtful gift is a guaranteed way to show your customer how much you value their service with you. It’s a small gesture that can have an immense impact on your reputation.

Building and retaining a customer base is an important part of business.  The question is, how do you get repeat business from your customers? Better yet, how do you get repeat business from your customers AND encourage referrals from their family and friends? 

Gifting your customers on their new cars is a simple gesture that can grow your client list immensely. Whether you hand it over on the sale or leave it as a surprise on the backseat of the car, there is no doubt your customers will be impressed with your generosity. 

We’re not talking lavish, over the top gifts that break the bank but we’re also not talking merchandise with your company name splashed all over it. We are talking about luxury items that they will actually use. A gift with products that are not only long-lasting (which will make them remember you for longer) but also a little bit luxe. Gifts that will guarantee your customers will be proud to show off to their friends. Products that will make their family envious and question where they got it from.

Here at Ellar Boutique, we understand the importance that gifting can play in your business. We’re experts at understanding what will ‘wow’ your clients and what’s going to spark that conversation with your brand name in it. With EOFY fast approaching it could be the perfect time to think about implementing a gifting procedure into your business plan. 

Does your company give a gift on a sale? Maybe it is time to think about how you can be different from others. Sure, gifting isn’t free and you will need to budget for it, but the return of a simple, thoughtful gift is far more valuable to you. 

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