Q&A with the founder of Ellar Boutique

Q&A with the founder of Ellar Boutique

Our new shop all gift range is here! If you've not browsed the range yet then what are you doing here? Get over there and see if there is anything that grabs your fancy.

We have LOVED creating this new range over the past few months. We really enjoy coming up with new gift packs and creating new ranges to suit your industries.

We've also developed some new products exclusive to Ellar Boutique. Ranging from hand soap, eco kitchen cloths, water bottles and more. Some of the new products won't be found anywhere else but here.

We thought it was about time to have a catch up with the beautiful founder of Ellar Boutique, Lisa, and her thoughts about the new gift range. Enjoy! 

1. What inspired you to create the new range?

The new range... What can I say? It is just brilliant!  

As a team (of all gals) we pride ourselves on setting ourselves apart. Not only do we achieve this in our 5 star customer service, in our premium packaging and timeless branding, but also in our products. There are a tonne of "hampers" online that start to all mesh into one, use the same products, look the same and ultimately, do not last. Each year we refresh and revamp our range, work to bring our customers new and exclusive products and ensure everything we touch, pack or brand is high quality for less. 

2. How have you made this range so affordable yet so luxurious?

Myself and the team always want to provide value to our customers.  We are not interested in overcharging and underwhelming, we want you to save money by buying our premium gifts, delivered free to your door! We strive to make sure that everything we offer is cost saving to you and the way we have been able to achieve this is by purchasing in larger quantities, having the storage facilities to hold lasting products and passing the savings directly onto our customers. We have invested in in house branding so turn around is faster than any competitor in the space and we do not charge for set up fees (because trust me, that is a joke)

3. Why do you believe long lasting products work better than food and wine hampers?

I have personally worked in the Real Estate and Corporate industries my entire career and I know first hand that a food and wine hamper brings the initial surprise & delight but the memory and the gesture behind it quickly fades. We can purchase gourmet food & treats for ourselves in our gourmet grocer and delicatessens.  Non-Alcoholic beverages are growing fast amongst Australian consumers and we are so thrilled to be able to offer everyday luxury items that can be used in the home or the office that are meaningful. Corporate and Settlement gifts that have been curated with products that go together. They tell a story and in turn, that enables positive conversations amongst colleagues, loved ones and friends. 

4. What makes you different from other gifting companies?

Firstly, it is our passion to help people. We are hands down, the most flexible, understanding and customisable group who can offer a solution to work with any budget or brief. We love people, and we want Australian businesses to gift better. Gifts that are not an afterthought, but something that screams "oh you've thought about this gift when this gift was put together"  The team behind Ellar are specialists and perfectionists and with 94 5 star reviews under the belt, we love helping businesses grow everyday through lasting gifts.

5. Who are your gifts suitable for?

We are a business-to-business provider and are suitable for any corporate event, staff end of financial year gifts, Christmas corporate gifts, client gifts in any industry and of course, property and settlement gifts. We also service new car dealerships with beautiful gifts to celebrate a new car purchase. There is no limit on who we can service. If you would like to thank your colleague, a staff member, hold an event or send a little gratitude to your clients - look no further. 

6. What's your favourite gift from the new range and why? 

Ok lets not beat around the bush. The range is amazing - it is also very hard to choose. 

I am a big fan of gold. Love love love it so I am going to say that the ' 'golden gratitude" is my chosen favourite gift from the range. You get to indulge on the best chocolate triple coated macadamias whilst being able to reuse the sophisticated stone board with the gold knife set & my favourite brass salad servers. These items are not something you can pick off any shelf and I know in good company will be raved about. 

Shop the range or create your own custom gift today!

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