Settlement & Real Estate Gifts

Gifting on settlement is a guaranteed way to increase your referrals and expand your client base. Let Ellar Boutique help enhance your customer service with our long-lasting, luxury gifts that are guaranteed to WOW every receiver.

All gifts include..
Free delivery direct to your office
Minimum order 4+ gifts
Select ribbon to pair with your branding
Complimentary branded gift cards when purchasing 12+ gifts

Talk about your brand

There is more to gifting than meets the eye. Not only does it show an immense amount of care towards your clients but it also sparks a positive conversation with YOUR name in it. In such a competitive industry already, you can stand out by giving a luxury gift with long-lasting products that won't let them forget your name & service in a hurry.

Here at Ellar Boutique, with previous experience in the Real Estate industry, we guarantee that our gifts and service will help you grow your word of mouth referrals and help generate a repeat service for years to come.

Ellar Boutique provides luxury gifts with optional branding and 10/10 service.

Choose from our Best Sellers range or Create Your Own custom gift today.

Branding Guidelines