How Real Estate Agents Can Use Gifting to Build Their Client Base

How Real Estate Agents Can Use Gifting to Build Their Client Base

Gifting is an incredible way to help build your client base in an already competitive industry and the benefits of gifting as a real estate agent are endless. As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words...but have you thought about what a gift can say to your clients? 

Good customer service is a crucial part of any business. However, good customer service and a hand delivered gift on settlement is guaranteed to leave a long lasting impression on your clients. 

Selling or purchasing a home is never an easy ride. A lot of the time the process can be emotional and stressful, even if everything is running smoothly. It’s a journey that is shared between you and your clients and will be remembered by them for years to come. Whether it is a positive or negative experience, the value that a simple gift can bring is undeniable. 

Many outcomes can be achieved through gift giving and  it’s up to you to decide which one  you want to achieve. Gifting a food hamper or a nice bottle of wine is going to please most people and receive that brief ‘Wow factor’’, however it is often eaten and enjoyed within moments of receiving, leaving your client forgetting it was even a gift from you. 

Don’t get us wrong, a nice bottle of wine is far more effective than a pen or umbrella, but no one enjoys gifts that are quickly forgotten,take up space in their new home or settlement gifts that are just branded stationary. 

What’s truly invaluable and will ultimately build your client base is giving a useful gift that will last and has a hint of luxury surrounding it. 

Not only does gifting in real estate help spark conversations about you as an agent, it is also guaranteed to help you generate more referrals. Gifts that are going to continue to remind your clients of your service and support through the process are going to benefit not just you, but also your company.

A set of wine glasses that are brought out on a special occasion, a Turkish beach towel that is used every Saturday at the beach, a recipe book that is used to cook the sunday family dinner or a handmade wooden cheese board that is shared amongst friends on a friday night. Gifts that when used, remind your client and anyone around them of your outstanding service and kind gesture.

There is no denying that gifting in real estate can change your reputation for the better and help grow your client base. It’s a small investment that can leave a long lasting impression which will have your client reaching out to you time and time again.

Doing the job properly should never be replaced with a lavish gift, but combining your excellent service and an unforgettable gift willcreate  longer lasting client relationships.

Gifting in real estate can be simple and bring you so much more than it does to your client. 

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