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In a fiercely competitive job market, gifting lasting branded items distinguishes your company by highlighting your dedication to client well-being and satisfaction and well wishes to new candidates in successfully filling job roles.

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We take pride in our work, crafting exceptional gifts for recruiters that leave a lasting impression and help generate more referrals.

Recruitment Testimonials

Our testimonials speak volumes about the positive experiences
and satisfaction shared by our recruitment customers.

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    Convenient Way Of Gifting

    We order a bunch of branded gifts to our office every month. They are great to have on hand and give to our clients. - Kath

  • โญโญโญโญโญ

    Loved The Custom Engraving

    The presentation of the gift was impeccable and the personalised logo engraving added a great touch. - Debbie

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    Thoughtful Corporate Gift

    Our staff loved their gifts. The gifts are beautifully designed that exuded professionalism and elegance. - Shaun

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Recruitment Gifting Questions

What type of gift is best to send as a professional recruiter?

When considering a gift for a recruitment client, a professional and practical option such as high-quality business accessories can make a lasting impression, showcasing your thoughtfulness and attention to detail.

What is a suitable employee welcome gift?

A good employee welcome gift can vary depending on the company culture and the preferences of the individual. However, here are some ideas that can be well-received:

1. Unique Branded Merchandise they will be able to reuse. Merchandise water bottles or notebooks with the company logo can make employees feel part of the team.

2. Custom welcome Kit: Create a welcome kit that includes essential office supplies, a company handbook, a notepad, and a personalised welcome note. This helps the employee feel prepared and informed about their new role. Click here to create your own.

3. Books or Learning Materials: If your company values professional development, consider gifting a book related to the employee's field. Ellar Boutique can help source this for you and add it to you custom gifts.

4. Wellness Items: Show your care for the employee's well-being by gifting items for self-care and wellness. Candles, gourmet food items, and journals are all valued items.

Why send a gift to your important recruitment clients?

Sending a gift to your important recruitment clients serves multiple purposes.

Firstly, it shows appreciation for their partnership and acknowledges the value they bring to your business. It helps to build and strengthen the relationship, demonstrating that you value their trust and support.

Additionally, it helps to leave a positive and memorable impression, increasing the likelihood of future collaborations and referrals.

By sending a gift, you are not only expressing gratitude but also investing in the long-term success of your business by nurturing valuable client connections.

Can Ellar Boutique create & send custom welcome packs for each of our new placements?

Yes, Ellar Boutique can create and send custom welcome packs for each of your new placements.

We offer a comprehensive service that includes creating custom packs for you, (click here) , branding them with your logo, sending the packs on your behalf and creating a unique recipient experience on your behalf.

We can also match the colours and branding of the packs to ensure a cohesive and welcoming experience for your new candidate placements.

What is our most popular gift for recruitment clients?

A popular gift for recruitment clients is a branded gift set. This could include items such as a leather-bound notebook, ballpoint pens or coffee keep cups.

This type of gift is not only practical but also conveys a sense of professionalism and sophistication, making it a fitting choice for your recruitment clients.

One of our most popular gifts is Bound to Inspire, which includes practical items like our soft touch notebook, ballpoint pen and reusable keep cup.

Do you offer branded ribbon and cards with your gifts?

We take pride in transforming ordinary gifts into extraordinary experiences that leave a mark on your recipients.

All gifts include free plain ribbon colour of your choice to match your branding OR you can customise your ribbon by ordering logo branded ribbon here. We also include free logo branded gift cards for any 12+ gift order.