The Gift That Keeps On Giving

The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Looking for a luxury corporate gift that speaks a thousand words? A new home gift that could really show your clients just how much you value them? Maybe a thank you for a client using your service or just a general, ‘we’re thinking of you’ gift. 

Introducing our range for the summer, The Outdoor Edition. A range that is more than just a gift but a luxury experience for the receivers. The Outdoor Edition is the summer picnic range that features the most loved product of 2021 and probably the most loved product of 2022; The insulated wicker picnic basket. A product that will be used & loved by the whole family for years.

This carefully crafted picnic basket is a good enough gift just by itself. With an insulated inside to keep those beers cool during the hot Australian summer, a solid, wooden lid that doubles as a cheeseboard, because what is a picnic without cheese? And a comfortable leather look strap that sits comfortably on your shoulder, making this an accessory you’ll be proud to show off.

Gifting can be hard and overwhelming and when you’re busy with your own business, it’s always recommended to outsource a luxury corporate gifting company to create some beautiful settlement or client gifts. 

The Outdoor edition features 6 carefully created gift options to suit every budget & every person. Each gift guaranteed to leave a lasting impression, create memories & make it impossible to forget your name, your service and your clients experience. 

Sweet & Savoury

With the picnic basket being a good enough gift by itself, there’s not always a need to overfill it with products. Whilst the receiver will surely be happy with some more goodies to unwrap, we guarantee that the picnic basket will always be the WOW factor. However, sometimes it’s nice to add in a few additions and this is where Sweet & Savoury is a perfect gift that will fit your budget & get you good value for money. 

Featuring the oh so tasty Koko Black Mighty Macadamia & Wattleseed chocolate. A premium chocolate that we love and have been using in our gifts for years. The trick with gifting? Try and always pair it with something that they can eat and enjoy upon opening. There’s nothing better than receiving a gift with something tasty. It may not be remembered in a few weeks or months, but it will definitely add to the excitement of receiving the gift.

Paired with our own brand of Served Cheese & Pate Knife Set. A two piece that can be brought out on every social gathering whether it be with the picnic basket or just at home. Gold or silver, your choice, knives will become a staple when you have friends and family over. 

A firm favourite amongst the team at Ellar Boutique, most probably because it features the delicious 23rd Distillery Gin & Tonic. This gift is a great product to gift clients or customers, whatever the occasion. Featuring a soft, striped, extra large Turkish beach towel which is 100% cotton and a beautiful addition for a beach day + picnic. Along with the summer taste of 23rd Gin & Tonic’s that pair perfectly with the stylish Pavillion acrylic tumblers. These are a new edition to our range & are not only chic but are also good for the planet & long-lasting. The two things we love most in life!

An absolutely epic appreciation gift that screams gratitude towards the receiver. The Picnic Enthusiast is filled to the brim with products that create a perfect day out. A day to be remembered. One of our favourites to flick through on a Sunday is the Share + Savor cookbook by Kylie Mazon-Chambers. A delicious, inspiring collection of share platters to create amongst friends & family. The hardest part is picking one! This beautiful book of deliciousness will be used and loved for years. They will always remember who it was given by and is a great conversation starter about your service. Accompanied by the popular wooden salad servers, which can be used on one of those delicious recipes from the cookbook + the Served Cheese & Pate knife set + our beloved Turkish beach towel, you’re pretty much set up for a good day out!

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