Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Clients

Unique Christmas Gift Ideas For Your Clients

That time of year has come again and can you believe so quickly? It doesn’t seem that long ago that we were getting ready for Christmas 2020 and yet it also seems like it’s been another never ending year.

For many of us, it’s been a challenging one that we are looking to see the back of. A mixture of working from home, looking after the kids still, not being able to remember the last time we were with our families and unfortunately, it looks as though it’s going to be another year of cancelled Christmas parties..

This Christmas is the perfect time to give your clients or staff a unique gift that says Merry Christmas, thank you and thinking of you all in one. It’s also never been easier to send a gift from the comfort of your own home. 

Struggling for ideas? Not to worry, you still have plenty of time to secure your Christmas gifts and get them delivered in time for Christmas.


What better way to say Happy Christmas than sending an actual gift directly to your recipient's front door! With plenty of gifting companies offering a wide range of Christmas gifts, it’s never been easier to send something meaningful. 

Introducing the Ellar Boutique Christmas Collection, a unique Christmas gift range that includes not just delicious food items & tasty beverages but also long-lasting products that will be used for years. We know Christmas gifts are mainly food & drink items as it’s the season for loosening the belt & enjoying delicious treats. However, the innovators that we are, we also understand that it’s just as nice, if not nicer, to get products that can be used and that last. 

Gifts ranging from $69 to $169, there’s a Christmas gift to suit everyone and every age! There is even the option to Create Your Own Christmas gift.

Also, something completely outside of the box this year. A World first for Corporate Gifting. Introducing the limited edition Signature gift box, EXCLUSIVE to Ellar Boutique. Featuring gold foil art deco design and housed in a premium matte finish. Created by the founder of Ellar Boutique to give your clients an ultimate unboxing experience like no other.



With businesses reopening down south, and QLD still managing to continue life as normal, why not give a gift that will get your colleagues out of the house? With many of us desperate to get out of the four walls we’ve been staring at for the past few months, what better gift to give  a day to remember?

There are plenty of options online these days where you can give someone a unique experience as a gift. This Allows the recipient to pick a day that’s convenient for them, and is a great way to spark some excitement. Whether you choose something relaxing like a Sip and Paint night, or something for the adrenaline junkies like a driving experience, Red Balloon has you covered with a wide range of unique Christmas gift ideas. From hot air balloon rides to relaxing spa days, there’s an option for everyone! 



With technology forever in our daily lives, it’s pretty much impossible to find someone that doesn’t own a phone or laptop. App Subscriptions have grown immensely over the past few years and now there is more choice than ever on a wide variety of apps. 

A simple but beautiful unique Christmas gift to give is a year’s subscription to apps that can be used to boost mood & create a calming atmosphere. Mental health has been a challenge for many people these past 18 months and it’s so important to check in with your staff, colleagues, bosses & clients. The Apps, Calm & Headspace, both used for anxiety, clarity & meditation, have seen an immense increase in subscriptions. Why not give your clients or staff a yearly subscription to either of these apps? Something that can be used throughout the year and from the comfort of their own homes, on their commute to work or whilst they exercise.

A beautiful and unique Christmas gift that will carry them through 2022 feeling more connected. 


Sometimes it can be quite challenging trying to decide what to give at Christmas, especially if you have a large client base or team to send to. An alternative to trying to decide is to give a gift voucher. Although it’s not the most exciting thing to open, you can guarantee that it’s going to be used. To make it more suited to each recipient, you can give a selection of gift cards for them to choose from. Ranging from department stores, hardware stores, clothing or beauty, by giving them the choice, you are guaranteeing that they will purchase something useful and right for them! 

Christmas is coming and it’s time to get ahead of the game and think about what you want to give your clients or team this year. Don’t leave it to the last minute and give something thoughtless when there is so much opportunity to purchase a unique Christmas gift that will make your recipient's year. 

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