8 Corporate Gift Ideas for Any Type of Client

8 Corporate Gift Ideas for Any Type of Client

Corporate gifting is an important part of building client relationships and fostering reciprocity and trust.

However, it’s not always easy to find the right kind of gift to suit your client. It’s hard to know how much to spend, when to send a gift, and how to choose a gift your client will actually enjoy. 

Since corporate gift-giving is good for business yet not always straightforward, here are a few gifting ideas that will help you along the way.

1. Curated Branded Hampers

Gift hampers have a near universal appeal, and the beauty of them is that you can personalize them and curate the items based on the person you'll be giving it to. When it comes to corporate gifting, finding ways to brand the contents of your hamper is key so that your clients are reminded of you when they use them.

You could offer them anything from a branded cutting board to branded stationery — don't be afraid to get creative, and use your knowledge of your client's likes and dislikes to pick out the perfect gift for them

2. Create Your Own Gift With Providers Like Ellar Boutique 

While there are many great pre-packaged gift options out there, you can also take a slightly more customised approach if you want more freedom over the process.

For example, with Ellar Boutique's "Create Your Own Gift", you can build your own gift set from start to finish, including the packaging, a selection of beautiful items, and any branding you'd like.

3. Alcoholic Treats

Does your client enjoy wine or whiskey? If so, a related gift such as a whiskey-and-tumbler set or personalised wine glasses could be the perfect choice.

You could also look for more hands-on gifts such as alcohol or cocktail-making sets. Another potential option is a classic gift box containing wine, like our “Made to Impress” set. 

The white or black wooden gift box contains a bottle of Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz, along with a bottle of Vask handwash, a Kandl & Co soy candle and a bar of Bennetto Dark Choc & Toasted Hazelnut. What’s not to love?



4. Picnic-Ready Gifts to Impress Friends and Family When Out and About 

A picnic-ready basket is a unique gift that will allow your clients to include their family and friends in a fun, upscale outing. With one of our "Lasting Impression" picnic baskets, for example, your clients receive a bottle of Shiraz wine, a cheese and pate knife set, and a Turkish beach towel that can also be used as a picnic blanket.

All of this is housed in a beautiful wicker basket — whose lid doubles as a cheese board — that they can use time and time again. 


5. Pamper Sets

Great for encouraging your client to get a bit more “me time”, pamper hampers are a way of showing your appreciation and gratitude. Traditionally seen as a more female-focused item, there are now plenty of gifting options for the gents too, such as high-end grooming boxes or aftershave selections. 

Here at Ellar Boutique, our “Bathroom Bliss” hamper works for both men and women, with a Vask handwash, Turkish hand towel, Kandl & Co soy candle and a Terrazzo canister, all wrapped up in a magnetic-closing gift box. 


6. Monthly Subscriptions

Subscription boxes are incredibly popular and it’s easy to see why. Every corner of the gifting market is covered, from coffee and cakes, to plants and pamper sets, there’s something for everyone. 

What’s particularly great about gifting a monthly subscription over the course of, say, a year, is that your client will regularly be reminded of your generosity and thoughtfulness.


7. Charity Donation Happy with this being an option, though it is obviously not a revenue creating option for EB. 

Instead of a physical gift, a donation to a charity in your client's name is a generous and thoughtful gesture. This works particularly well for clients who make public their support for particular causes, but it's sure to be appreciated by anyone.

Whether you want to wish your client happy holidays or celebrate a particular achievement, corporate gifting is not only just a nice thing to do, but is a proven way of cementing business relationships and ensuring future revenue. 

These gift ideas are a great starting point — they’re gender-neutral and would fit any kind of client. That said, wherever you can, try to personalise gifts either using your own branding or their own, or via a hand-written note. This will allow you to elevate a great gift and make it particularly memorable.

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