A Gift They Won't Forget

A Gift They Won't Forget

Have you ever received a gift from someone that you never stopped using? A gift that you will forever cherish and remember them for? Now have you ever been that person to have given a gift so special to someone? We may be biased but there is no better feeling.

If you’ve been living under a rock and have not seen our social media recently then you would’ve completely missed the restock of the infamous wicker picnic basket.

This beautiful, luxe wicker picnic basket will be one of the best gifts you will give this year. Keep your cheese & wine fresh with the insulated cooler, stitched inside of the basket. An essential in Australia’s year round climate! Plenty of space to fill up with all your picnic essentials. Including enough space for a bottle of bubbles or wine. Because no picnic is complete without a little tipple.

If you think the cooler bag is the best part then hold off a second. The round, handcrafted wooden lid not only completes the look of the basket but...Drum roll please..it doubles as a portable wooden cheese board that is not only practical and stylish but more importantly, Instagram worthy.

Finished with a brown leather look strap. The picnic basket is not only a gift that your clients will love but is a gift that will be shown off to all of their friends and family. Sparking that one question that is guaranteed to have your name for an answer…’Where did you get that from?’ 

If you haven’t seen already, there are four new gifts created in our Best Sellers range showcasing the picnic basket in all her glory. We have created four, affordable, luxury packs that are bound to keep you in their mind for years to come.

Picnics are one of life’s simple pleasures. Good food & wine shared with friends and family at a beautiful location accompanied by love and laughter. This is a gift that won’t sit on the shelf and be forgotten about. 

A high-end luxury gift like no other, the picnic basket is this year’s gift to give. 

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