Boost Rapport and Referrals with End-of-Financial-Year Gifts

Boost Rapport and Referrals with End-of-Financial-Year Gifts

The end of the financial year (EOFY) presents a unique opportunity for businesses to show appreciation to their clients and stakeholders. One effective way to achieve this is through gifting. In this blog, we'll explore whether you can claim gifting for EOFY and outline five compelling benefits of investing in gifts to enhance client rapport and trust. Discover the diverse gifting options offered by Ellar Boutique, starting from just $15, including custom branded luxury merchandise.

Can You Claim Gifting for EOFY? 
Many businesses wonder if they can claim gifting expenses as a tax deduction during the EOFY period. The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows tax deductions for gifts that are business-related and given to clients, employees, suppliers, or customers. However, it's crucial to meet certain criteria and keep proper records. To ensure compliance, consult with your accountant or the ATO's guidelines to determine the specific eligibility of your gifting expenses.

The 5 Benefits of Spending on Gifts at EOFY

Strengthen Client Rapport 

EOFY gifts provide a fantastic opportunity to strengthen relationships with your valued clients. A thoughtful gift shows your appreciation for their support and fosters a sense of loyalty. By demonstrating that you value their business, you encourage continued collaboration and potentially increase the likelihood of repeat purchases and referrals.

Enhance Brand Visibility and Recognition
Custom branded luxury merchandise offers a dual advantage—impressing recipients and promoting your brand simultaneously. By incorporating your company logo or tagline onto the gift, you effectively increase brand visibility and recognition. Whenever clients or recipients use or display the gift, it acts as a subtle yet constant reminder of your business, potentially leading to increased referrals and business opportunities.

Differentiate Your Business 
In a competitive market, standing out from the crowd is crucial. By investing in unique and high-quality gifts, you showcase your attention to detail and commitment to excellence. This sets your business apart from competitors and leaves a lasting impression on clients. The distinctiveness of your EOFY gifts can spark conversations and generate positive word-of-mouth, leading to new clients and valuable referrals.

Foster a Positive Company Culture 
EOFY gifts can also be a powerful internal tool for reinforcing a positive company culture. By recognising and appreciating your employees' hard work and dedication, you boost morale and foster a sense of belonging. A happy and motivated workforce is more likely to go above and beyond, delivering exceptional service to clients and further building trust and loyalty.

Create Lasting Memories 
Gifts have the power to create lasting memories. When you present clients with a thoughtful gift, it leaves a positive imprint on their minds, associating your business with a pleasant experience. Such memories can significantly influence future referrals and business opportunities.

Our top gift picks for EOFY gifts for 2023!

Real Estate: With Gratitude from $103 each + gst

Employee Appreciation Gifts: Bound to inspire from $75 each + gst

Client thank you gift: Seaside Sunsets from $112 each + gst

Luxury branded merchandise: Soft touch insulated branded water bottles 500ml from $27.95 each + gst (includes logo branding)

Corporate gift: The Penfolds from $87 each + gst

Investing in EOFY gifting can be a strategic move to strengthen client relationships, generate referrals, and build trust. Explore the wide range of gifting options available at Ellar Boutique, starting from just $15, including custom branded luxury merchandise and free delivery. Give your business the competitive edge it deserves.

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