Corporate Christmas Gifts Ideas 2022

Corporate Christmas Gifts Ideas 2022

Psst, Christmas is nearly here and it’s time to start thinking about corporate Christmas gift ideas for your clients and employees. Firstly, let’s all just agree on how quickly this year has gone. It seems as though the C word has been mentioned every month this year (here at Ellar Boutique anyway) and yet the anticipated arrival of the Christmas countdown still manages to surprise us. 

But hey, you’re in luck if you’re reading this now, as you’ve already taken the first step towards shopping for corporate Christmas gifts. Nothing beats being organised. Whether it be corporate or personal Christmas shopping, having that satisfied smile on your face when someone asks you if you’ve finished all your shopping and the answer is yes, is always a great feeling.

Finding the right corporate Christmas gift can sometimes be a challenge, which is why we are here to help. There is a lot out there to choose from and if you’re buying for a whole team or multiple clients, nailing just one gift that fits all can sometimes be a bit tricky (but not impossible).

Choosing Christmas gifts for people you don’t know personally can be challenging, but if you stick to our three rules you'll tick all the boxes (most of the time!)

Rule Number 1 - Make sure your gift includes something delicious to eat 

It isn’t Christmas if you aren’t eating office treats & festive snacks every day throughout the month of December. Christmas for many is all about sharing great food with friends and family. (Or maybe just yourself - we’re not judging!) When it comes to giving your clients or staff a Christmas gift, you have to make sure that it contains a festive treat. Whether it be a Christmas pudding, some decadent chocolates or artisan crackers, Christmas is centred around food so much it is important to include something edible.

Rule Number 2 - Make sure your gift includes something  long lasting

Now, whilst Christmas is hugely food focused, you also want to ensure you give your clients a gift containing long lasting items. It doesn’t have to be much, and it can be just one single thing amongst all the food. The reason? Long lasting items give so much more pleasure and show a lot more gratitude than food items. There’s thought behind lasting items and it shows you care a little bit more. It is harder to forget someone when you regularly use a product you were gifted. Whether it be a wooden cheese board, a candle, glassware or hand soap. Your clients will ultimately use these items in their everyday lives and always be reminded how generous you were at Christmas.

Rule Number 3 - Make sure you include your brand

Depending on the packaging you choose for your Christmas gifts may depend on what branding you want to include. If it’s a gift box, you should always brand the lid to give them more of a WOW factor when they receive it. No doubt, the gift box will ultimately become a storage box in their homes for important documents. 

Branding your corporate Christmas gifts is the perfect way to stay remembered for longer and to make a strong impression on the receiver. If you can, also try and include your logo on a long lasting product. Your logo can be beautifully engraved, subtly reminding the receiver (even more!) each day they use it, that it was a gift from you.

With our newly released 2022 Christmas collection, we have ticked all the boxes when it comes to finding the perfect corporate Christmas gifts for your clients and staff. Starting from $39, our luxury collection has an array of artisan food products, long lasting items and festive packaging. Our selection of carefully created gifts will be sure to make your Christmas shopping a little bit easier this year. 

Our Top 4 Corporate Gifts for Christmas:



- CHANCELLOR & CO Brut Cuvée Sparkling - 750 ml
- VERRE Crystal Glass, Thin Stem Champagne Glasses - 2pc in Gift Box
- WALTERS Handmade Honey Nougat Macadamia 50g
HOUSED in a premium matte white mailer with Christmas foiled sleeve.


 Limited Edition - The Sapphire

- ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM Pinot Noir 375ml
- WOODEN BOARD Camphor Laurel - 23cm x 10cm
- SERVED Brushed Christmas Spreader Gold
- G FOR GEORGE Red Capsicum & Basil Tapenade 110g
- KOKO BLACK Nougat Starry Night Chocolate Bar 80g 

HOUSED in a premium matte white mailer with Christmas foiled sleeve in Sapphire Blue. 


A Timeless Christmas

- POSH PLONK 2019 Shiraz 750ml
- WOODEN BOARD Camphor Laurel - 16cm x 24cm
- PUD FOR ALL SEASONS Traditional Plum Pudding 100g
- G FOR GEORGE Red Capsicum & Basil Tapenade 110g
- SERVED Brushed Christmas Spreader
- TRENTHAM TUCKER Crispbread Cranberry Pistachio Boxed 150g
HOUSED in a premium matte white gift box with magnetic closing lid. 


- TRENTHAM TUCKER Christmas Pudding 100g
- VERRE European Etched Glass, Tumbler Set - 2pc in Gift Box
- TRENTHAM TUCKER Crispbread Cranberry Pistachio Boxed 150g
- CHRISTMAS BON BON Pink with Assorted Classic Cookie Bite 40g
- WALTERS Handmade Honey Nougat Macadamia 50g
- TWENTY-THIRD Violet Gin & Tonic Mix - 300ml
- TWENTY-THIRD Violet Gin & Tonic Mix - 300ml
HOUSED in a matte white LIMITED EDITION Advent Experience gift box with 5 x sliding draws & gold foil art deco style.


Whilst these may be our favourite gifts this year, there are plenty more on our 2022 Christmas collection we guarantee you will love! 

Or alternatively, you can create your own Christmas gift this year if you are looking for 20+ gifts. The perfect way to create something unique to you and your brand!

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