Corporate Gift Ideas to make a lasting impression on your clients and staff

Corporate Gift Ideas

It’s not always easy finding luxury corporate gifts to give your clients and employees. Whether you want to thank your team for all their hard work this year. Or want to make an impression on a client you have worked with. Finding a quality corporate gift can sometimes be a challenge.

Long lasting corporate gifts are always going to make a significant impression. Food and wine is a great gift but often easily forgotten about. Nothing says gratitude more than a gift the receiver can use and enjoy for years to come. Yes, it’s nice to give someone food and wine, but it takes thought to give a gift that is filled with timeless products they will love.

Ranging from $79 - $139, our luxury corporate gifts tick all the boxes when it comes to finding the perfect gift. Our corporate gift collection has been carefully designed  to leave a lasting impression on your clients. We’ve put together our 3 best selling corporate gifts to help you say thank you.

1. It's The Little Things - $89 each + gst

Long Lasting Corporate Gifts

It really is the little things! You don’t have to spend a lot to make an impression on your clients. You can never go wrong with a gift filled with just long lasting products the recipient can use again and again. It’s The Little Things is a classic corporate gift we guarantee will show gratitude from you to the receiver.

Featuring our luxury 100% cotton Turkish hand towel -the perfect addition to any home. Paired with our popular Kandl & Co medium soy candle offering a subtle scent to be enjoyed. Plus, our premium Verre glass tumblers to remind them of your kind gesture for years to come. This gift will certainly be well received by all.


2. In The Zone - $89 each + gstAffordable Luxury Corporate Gift Ideas

Now, here is a gift that shows gratitude to your staff next time you want to thank them. In The Zone is an affordable but high quality gift that's sure to make an impact on your employees.

Our favourite item in this gift has to be the bluetooth jive speaker. Paired with any device, it allows your employees to unwind and listen to their favourite tunes after a busy week. a premium journal and pen which can be used for either work or as a gratitude journal.  Don’t worry, we didn’t forget to include something edible -our delicious Chocolatl premium toasted hazelnut bar will be gone in seconds!


3. The Timeless Gesture - $109 each + gst

Corporate Gift Boxes for Clients

Because how can you go wrong with a bottle of something sparkling? Whether you want to say congratulations to a client or thank you to an employee. The Timeless Gesture combines both long lasting products with food and wine (because sometimes a sweet treat makes everything better!). 

The luxury of this gift is you can select the wine to suit your budget and the occasion. Choose from a selection of sparkling or red wines to suit your needs. Paired with a locally handmade camphor laurel wooden board and our Served Cheese & Pate knife set, this gift sets the receiver up for the perfect night in. Not forgetting the decadent Koko Black ‘All About Almond’ that can be enjoyed instantly upon opening the gift.

Three of our favourite corporate gift ideas that will exceed the expectations of receivers but won’t push the budget out. Whether you are looking for something to thank a client with, or want to congratulate a staff member on a big achievement. Sending a corporate gift is a guaranteed way to make an impression and show gratitude. Looking for more ideas? View the full collection here


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