How to beat the back to work blues

How to beat the back to work blues

Coming back to work after an extended break can be exhausting. Trying to find the motivation to wake up in time for the first day back is hard… and knowing that there isn’t time for a midday nap, can be mildly terrifying.

But don't forget - everyone is feeling the same slump when returning back into a working environment. It's a totally different mindset, which can take a few days to get back into.

Staying motivated is the most important trick to ensuring you and your team get back into your work routine as quickly as possible, which is why we've put together a few tips to help you fast-track getting back into the swing of things.

1. Arrange a work family lunch

The chances are, the last time you spoke properly to your team was before you all went on leave or at the Christmas Party. So much happens over the festive holidays, and it's everyone's time to switch off, reset and refresh, which means it's not always easy to stay in touch. Make sure you carve out time to catch up with everyone properly by organising a work lunch or dinner. Reconnecting as a team socially (and not just because of work), is a quick way of ensuring people feel more motivated for the busy year ahead.

2. Organise a team brainstorm

A new year brings new targets, which mean now is the time for new ideas. Get the hyped up and those creative juices flowing by organising a team brainstorm session. By getting everyone together, you can remind everyone about the monthly targets for the year ahead, ensure everyone is on the same page, and get everyone excited about the next few months. Bringing everyone together in this way will ensure the whole team feels part of something bigger, and really help boost morale.

3. Shout your team a coffee

Are you feeling slightly tired and down coming back to work after your lunch break? The chances are, so is the rest of the team. For the past few weeks, this was nap time. Now you’re expected to go straight back to work and function. Take the team out for an afternoon coffee, or grab everyone's order as a nice surprise to help get their brains buzzing for the afternoon. 

4. Show your gratitude

One of the main reasons an employee may quit a job is because they feel unappreciated, which is why making a team feel appreciated is so crucial when coming back after the holidays. Spoiling the team with a thank you gift and a personalised gift card, is a sure fire way to do this. No matter what the size of the gift, the appreciation your team feels will be worth every cent. Literally. Because research shows managers who expressed gratitude more often to their team had a 50 percent higher rate of productivity - now that really is money well spent.

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