The Penfolds

The Penfolds

Why it is the perfect settlement gift in every way for everyone. 


Whether you have a gift already or are looking for a change, there is no doubt that you should take a look at The Penfolds, our number one Best Seller.

Giving a gift can change a person’s whole perception of you and your service. It is the perfect way to enhance your business and improve your referrals. You don’t forget when a person gives you a gift. It’s even harder to forget a person when they give you a gift with usable long-lasting luxury products. 

There are many points that come into account when you are searching for the perfect settlement gift. Budget. Products. Packaging. Branding. This is why The Penfolds gift box is the gift that anyone would be happy to receive. It ticks all the boxes.


The Penfolds, a simple yet beautiful gift with long-lasting items that your clients will love. The ideal settlement gift is a gift that is going to keep them remembering your name for years to come. How to achieve that? Long-lasting items that they are going to use in their everyday lives. 

Starting off with a Camphor Laurel wooden serving board. Perfect use for making the kid’s sandwiches, prepping for a big family dinner or serving up a delicious charcuterie board to friends on the weekend. There’s no doubt that a beautiful, locally made board is going to be a huge conversation starter on who it was given by. 

To tie in with the wooden board we have paired it with a beautifully created [gold or silver] stainless steel cheese & pate knife set. These will be brought out on every occasion, whether it be family BBQ’s, Friday cheese & wine nights, at home Sunday brunch with friends or just a late night snack in the kitchen. You can’t deny that these will be used aplenty.

Tying it all together is not necessarily a long lasting product, depending on how much willpower you have, but a product that can be shared amongst friends. Paired well with the wooden board and knife set, the Penfolds Koonunga Hill Shiraz is a delicious red wine. 



Three products that all pair perfectly with each other and can be enjoyed by any receiver. 

The beautiful thing about our Best Sellers is that you are in full control of how you want your product to look. Choose your packaging, ribbon colour, colour of knives and whether you want branding. Taking a Best Seller and making it your own and unique to you. 

It can be overwhelming deciding on the perfect gift for your customers. There are plenty of choices out there and the hardest part is actually choosing which gift is right for your business. Either way, we can guarantee The Penfolds will be a hit with everybody that receives it.

During the Month of March if you purchase The Penfolds then you will automatically be upgraded to a larger wooden serving board at no extra cost. 

The Penfolds all for $92 each + gst [+ your own branding]. The gift that will guarantee conversation starters with your clients and their friends about your service. 

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