Why Branded Gifts For Clients Increases Your Business Value & Retention

Why Branded Gifts For Clients Increases Your Business Value & Retention

Relationships with your current and future customers should always be at the forefront of your marketing. How can I improve their experience with me and my business? What can be done to make them keep coming back? No matter what your business is, customer retention is vital and  helps to grow your new customer list. 

So how do you keep your customers? What can you do to ensure they keep coming back to your business? You need to make your customers feel valued and special; and that’s where gifting comes into play.

Corporate gifting is the perfect personal touch to your service. It’s an effective way to impress your clients, to retain your customers and to get repeat business from them. By gifting on a sale, business deal or settlement, you are showing your customers a genuine care and appreciation for their use of your service or product. It’s a simple but thoughtful gesture that can go a long way within your industry and throughout their contacts.

The chances of your customers commenting to their friends and family on a gift they received from their real estate agent or their car salesman is high. A simple exchange of words to their friends on the beautiful selection of products they received alongside your 10/10 service can really enhance your service. 

Gifting is very easy to outsource these days. Gone are the days of you buying your client a bottle of wine, anyone can do that. You should have a plan in place on how to thank your clients properly and professionally. Gifts that will actually show your customers you’ve thought about them in a big way will have a lasting effect.

We, at Ellar Boutique, specialise in custom gifts for all businesses. We source long-lasting products that your customers will actually use for years to come. Products that can be used in their everyday lives that will constantly remind them that it was you who gifted them such a wonderful thoughtful gift. So next time they want to sell their house or buy a new car, they will remember you and how generous you were to them. This will also make it more likely for them to refer you to their friends and family too. 

Branding your client gifts can also help increase your value and customer retention. When you hand over a personalised gift box you are showing that extra mile you have gone to, to buy something where effort has been involved. 

A branded gift box with your logo and company name, left on the backseat of a car that is shown off to their friends is bound to show the professionalism of your company and your care for your customers.

A branded gift with a handwritten note direct from you to the customer is guaranteed to generate a warm feeling of appreciation from your clients and add a personal touch your competitors won't have. 

Branding your gifts is a foolproof way to enhance your gifts, especially if you have also created your own custom gift with products carefully chosen by you. It can also help promote your business more effectively.

With End Of the Financial Year fast approaching, it's a great opportunity to begin gifting to your clients or customers.  

Explore our range of curated best sellers or create your own through our easy steps, allowing you to select every detail of your gift. 

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