Sending a New Year Gift is Just as Effective as a Christmas Gift

Sending a New Year Gift is Just as Effective as a Christmas Gift

Let’s face it, the Christmas build up is crazy! With so many things to tick off before the end of a year (see ya 2021, we won’t miss you!) it’s sometimes hard to find the time to send appreciation gifts to those important clients & staff. Now, that doesn’t mean to say you don’t care, but sometimes our list of priorities is so long at the end of the year that unfortunately gifting is sometimes the thing that has to take a back seat.

Don’t stress though. If you were one of the busy people that had no time to send out Christmas gifts, it’s not too late to show your appreciation to those all important people. Sending a luxury ‘New Year’ gift can actually be seen as quite innovative and thinking outside of the box. And let’s face it, a new year can sometimes be quite overwhelming. Getting back into the swing of work after a long break, still having the kids at home because these summer holidays seem to be never ending and having to think ahead to what this year could bring (please no more lockdowns). So receiving a New Year gift could actually be the boost we all need.

There are many benefits to sending ‘New Year’ gifts to clients so don’t worry that the receivers will think of you as being lazy with a Christmas gift. 


If you had wanted to send a Christmas appreciation gift to your staff to thank them for their work in 2021, why not change the approach and send a gift to say how you are looking forward to working with them in 2022. You can still appreciate their efforts for last year, but use this gift as a way to boost team morale for the year ahead. As much as we should all be feeling refreshed and ready when we come back to work in the New Year, it can sometimes be overwhelming and there is a lot of pressure around getting through the to-do lists, ticking things off and getting back into working a million miles an hour. A gift delivered in that first month back to work is a sure way to encourage & show gratitude towards your staff.


Whilst it’s always good to thank your clients for using your service with a Christmas gift, it can sometimes be overlooked and forgotten about. This isn’t to say your Christmas gift wasn’t good enough but with people receiving many gifts in December by the time you come back to work in January, the gift is long in the past. This is easily avoidable if you give long-lasting items because they will be forced to remember you. However, sending a luxury appreciation gift to your clients in the New Year is the perfect way to stay in the forefront of their minds as they plan their year ahead. What better way to subtly remind them of you & your service than with a new year gift. Send your client a gift in the new year to say how you look forward to another year working with them! They’ll never know it’s because you were too busy to send a Christmas gift.


Oh the joys of shipping delays at Christmas. We’re pretty sure the theme of December is receiving notifications about your parcel being delayed, returned to the sender or even worse, lost! There is nothing more stressful than trying to track your parcel(s) during the busiest delivery period of the year. And with offices shutting down at different times, it’s very likely that at least one (if you’re lucky) of your parcels will not make it on time. Now, not to say that receiving a Christmas gift late is bad - it sometimes can’t be helped. But it is more likely to not be received as well as it would have had it arrived on time. Most likely, the element of surprise is gone because everyone’s been discussing the beautiful gift they received from you and then the one person who is still waiting to receive has now been told what the gift was and completely ruined the element of surprise. The appreciation & gratitude is gone when they do receive it and more often than not, they will blame you for not sending it early enough. Realistically we all know, sometimes it doesn’t matter how early you send it, there’s always that one parcel that doesn’t get there on time or somehow manages to go missing for a few days! 


With so many gifts received at Christmas, whether it be from work colleagues, clients, family & friends, it can sometimes be hard to remember the senders of each gift. This isn't to say your recipient is ungrateful or your gift wasn’t memorable, but it can sometimes be forgotten about by the time people return to work in the New Year. We all know that strange period between Christmas & New Year where you don’t know what day it is and you’re eating a leftover sandwich at 10am with a cider in hand. ell do that on repeat for a few days and then return to work, it’s likely that everyone is just trying to remember how to do their jobs on that first week back. Sending them a gift in the new year is a beautiful way to start a new calendar year and they are more likely to feel appreciation towards you and your service.

There’s many different gifts you can send your clients in the New Year. Whether you want to choose a pre-made gift or create your own custom luxury gift, why not stand out from the crowd and be different this year. After all, if there’s anything these past couple of years has taught us it’s to adapt and evolve. 

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