How We Work With You To Create The Perfect Luxury Corporate Gift

How We Work With You To Create The Perfect Luxury Corporate Gift

Here at Ellar Boutique we pride ourselves on creating long lasting luxury gifts that we guarantee will boost positive referrals about you and your business. We are experts in the business to business gifting industry and over the past few years have developed a reputation for thinking outside the box with our products, packaging and also our ethos of creating gifts with long lasting items over perishable products.

Our range of Best Sellers have become firm favourites amongst our customers, being ordered in the thousands each year, meaning we can keep our prices reasonable, even with unavoidable inflation. One of the most popular aspects of our business is our Create Your Own custom gift. This is a part of our website where you, the customer, can create a custom luxury corporate gift exclusive to you and your business. It’s the perfect way to show your customers how special they are. 

With over six years in the property gifting and luxury corporate gifting industry, we understand and know how important gifting is to compliment your service and business, we also know how it can help you stand out amongst your competitors. However, we also appreciate that your time can be limited in trying to outsource corporate gifts and it’s not always easy trying to find exactly what you want.

We made the Create Your Own Gift section on our website out of the love that we gain from the feeling receivers get when they are handed something unique. Whether it's a custom luxury corporate gift or a best seller, we truly believe that gifts can help grow your business. From selecting the packaging, products, branding and budget, creating your own corporate gift can be an exciting process and the end result is rewarding.

Creating your own custom gift is an easy, seamless four step process that gives unbeatable results for an unlimited amount of time. All done on our website so you don’t even have to speak to us if you don’t want to! Once you have completed the online process of creating your own gift, we work together as a team to create exclusive gifts that suits your brand, budget and matches the ethos of your company and the reason for the gift. 

Specialising in a lot of new home gifts, settlement gifts and luxury corporate gifts, we are experts in understanding the products and packaging most receivers want and will actually use. Gone are the days of gifting just food and drink items that will be enjoyed and then forgotten about in moments. Long lasting gifts are what keeps you remembered for longer, generating repeat service of your business and growing word of mouth referrals.

We understand the importance of standing out amongst your competitors and so when creating a custom gift, we make sure it is personal to you and your brand. With optional branding there is no reason why you can’t make a custom luxury corporate gift exclusive to your business, making your customers feel highly valued.

With in-house branding, a diverse product list (plus high-end food & alcohol), a variety of packaging and optional customisation, our tailored and seamless process is guaranteed to provide an unforgettable impression on your clients. 

The most powerful source of business growth is word of mouth referrals. It always has and always will be  the most important way to gain trust and growth. So, grow it even more with luxury corporate gifting and make them remember you for the right reasons. 

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